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About Sifr - Cash@Shop – Virtual ATMs

Sifr Fintech Limited is part of Abhu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) RegLab programme and regulated by ADGM -Financial Services Permission (FSP) to launch our Cash@Shop solution in UAE.

Sifr (Cipher - means ZERO) aims to create 1,000’s of Virtual ATMs and presents a new approach to optimizing the circulation of cash and reducing the Cost of handling Cash or Cash Management Cost for banks in the UAE.

Sifr Mobile App is the most convenient and secure alternative to ATMs to withdraw Cash from thousands of participating retail outlets located nearby customers by simply scanning a QR Code displayed at the Check-out counter and collect the amount from Cashier without incurring any Transaction Fees.

Sifr aims to reduce the dependency on ATM machines by creating a most cost-effective cash management system through optimal utilisation of business generated surplus cash available in the retail economy. Sifr is the most convenient way for payroll and debit card holders to withdraw cash instantly.

Sifr not only eliminate ATM transaction costs for customers but also reduce the costs of cash management for Retail Commerce Industry and ATM maintenance for banks in the UAE.